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 Typically clients come to me from referrals once they have signed a lease for a space suitable for their restaurant, catering kitchen, sandwich shop, etc. At that time they have a concept of what they would like to do, what style of restaurant, what style of service, and what they would like it to look like. I need to know what equipment you anticipate using, or a menu of items to be prepared. I then take your ideas and incorporate them with my recommendations and also what the city and county governing authorities will require to prepare a preliminary floor plan. At that point you may ask for some changes or additions, probably will ask if something I've incorporated is required, and we will quickly come to a resolution that suits you and will still pass all plan check requirements. At that time we will produce the base set of drawings, which is suitable for submission to the County Health Department and submit it for you. This plan also shows all the equipment electrical and plumbing requirements for my engineer to start his portion of the City Building Department Plans which includes plumbing  plans, isometrics and details, electrical plans, lighting plans, electrical panel schedules and load calculations, hvac plans and details. At that time we will also commence with the City Building Department architectural plans including ADA (handicap) accessibility plans, reproduction of you site plan (usually available from your landlord), and construction details. When these plans are completed we will submit to your City Building Department. The city will notify us when plans are approved and at that time they will be ready for permitting. Your contractor is then responsible to get building permits at the city. 

Typical Time Line (Project size 1200-2000 sq.ft.)


  • Preliminary Plans - 1-2 weeks
  • Health Department Plans - 1 week
  • City Buildding Department Plans - 2 weeks
  • City Plan Check - 2-4 weeks
  • Plans ready for Permitting

Typical Time Line (Project size 2000-5000 sq.ft.)


  • Preliminary Plans - 1-3 weeks
  • Health Department Plans - 2 weeks
  • City Buildding Department Plans - 3 weeks
  • City Plan Check - 2-4 weeks
  • Plans ready for Permitting

Negotiated Project Pricing Based on size and complexity of your project

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